Navy Exchange Services (NEX) WAREHOUSE SUPERVISOR (FT) in LEMOORE, California

Title: WAREHOUSE SUPERVISOR (FT) Location: United States-California-Lemoore Job Number: 180001AJ

Job Summary: Responsible for a specific operational area of a warehouse (receiving storage, and distribution). Exercises supervisory responsibility and control over work operations involving approximately three to eight associates in grades through NA-4.

Duties and Responsibilities: Plans work schedules and sequence of operations for subordinates in assigned, area. Establishes deadlines and priorities on the basis of work schedules, methods, procedures and policies established by higher levels of supervision. Participates with superior in determining how many assignments in area supervised can be done concurrently, how many may be delayed, the number and types of associates needed and availability of equipment required.

  • Establishes and monitors preventative maintenance and repair programs for vehicles. Determines maintenance and repair priorities; establishes maintenance schedules, reviews and evaluates work-in process and completed work to assure compliance with established standards. Reviews and analyzes major component repairs; provides guidance as required. Ensures that daily inspections of fleet equipment is performed by operators along with complying with all federal, state and DOD regulations.

  • Selects workers and assigns tasks to be performed. Explains work requirements, methods and procedures; instructs subordinates in new procedures and provides advice when problems arise. Reviews work in progress or on completion. Adjusts work plan, assignments and methods as necessary to accomplish the work as effectively and econonmically as possible. Determines equipment, supplies and maintenance required and assures arrival of supplies and equipment at work site as needed. Assures merchandise is properly received, inspected, identified, segregated and forwarded to required storage locations, that incoming deliveries are properly coordinated to ensure their timeliness; that stock is rotated to preserve salability; that items required for delivery or for transfer to other locations are properly picked and loaded. Coordinates with appropriate organizational entities, as required, in connection with work assignments.

  • Schedules and approves leave of subordinates. Prepares work performance appraisals. Counsels associates on problems; adjusts informal complaints through discussion with associates and union representatives. Takes informal corrective action on conduct or performance problems. Initiates proposals for disciplinary action where needed. Promotes the participation of subordinates in programs such as suggestion program, cost reduction program, etc. Maintains production reports and records. Reviews job descriptions for currency and accuracy; reports detailing of associates to jobs other than their own; participates in review and improvement of work methods, organization features, carries out EEO policies and communicates support of these policies to subordinates. Assures equality in determining qualifications, selections, assignments, training, promotions, details, discipline, and awards to associates. Coordinates and participates fully in the development of an EEO Affirmative Action Plan and efforts regarding staffing, motivation and training to develop all associates.

  • Works under the general supervision of a designated supervisor, who provides instructions as to procedures priorities and policies. Incumbent is relied upon to control work operations and accomplish an adequate quantity and quality of work. Work is reviewed for efficient and economical use of personnel, equipment, materials and methods to meet goals and quality standards.

  • Performs other related duties as assigned Qualifications: Eighteen months experience performing warehousing related duties, such as receiving, storage, shipping, marking, identifying, segregating, palletizing, picking, loading, etc. SUBSTITUTION OF EDUCATION FOR EXPERIENCE: One year of high school education may be substituted for 3 months of experience up to a High School Diploma or GED for one year of experience.